New Careering Values

Customer Satisfaction. We offer a superb service that fills individual needs and provides lasting value. We guarantee our work and don't compromise ethics or integrity in the name of profit.

Health and Work in that order. If you run through life, grabbing fast food and arriving out of breath, you don't do yourself, your clients or customers a favor. When you feel good, centered, and healthy, you have more to offer others.

Choice in life. We believe it important to take time every few months to stop and look at what we're doing, how we do it, and how it can be improved. We do this for our personal lives as well. In other words, we practice what we talk about. Yes, we run into barriers sometimes, but we have learned strategies to surmount them. That's why we have important stories and strategies to share with you.

Staff Performance. We expect individual commitment and performance above the standard for consulting in general and health consulting in particular.

Continuing Education. Reading across disciplines, re- reading obscure health reports from doctors interested in healing, not just medicating, taking workshops and seminars in body physiology, learning about the new non-invasive technology and procedures that tell us what the body needs at the systemic level, reading the new health research, surfing various medical school sites on the Internet—all help us serve the best interest of our clients and, therefore, represent high values for us.

Quality. We realize we don't live in a perfect world. We, therefore, learn from our miscues and move on continually alert in an effort to improve both our competence and our personal development-

Personal Beliefs and Values. We strive not to project our beliefs and values onto our clients. We recognize no best or right approach exists. It all depends on beliefs values, life circumstances, capabilities, and client opportunity, to name a few.