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Life direction connects to everything else. So, you'll find all kinds of links below, but they will all have one thing in common—helping you live a better quality life, which can enhance your life-as-career developing.

Each of the following web addresses I have personally used, evaluated, and liked. I will add to them from time to time.

Anna Miller-Tiedeman



1. Occupational Outlook Handbook

2. Scholarships

This address links you with the Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH). Here, you can check out any occupation you can think of. It gives information on nature of the work, working conditions, employment, training, job outlook, earnings, and related occupational information, everything you want to know about any given occupation. Students priorit to the Internet era had to look through a large book, you have the luxury of surfing the Internet for that info which affords you the opportunity to run into a lot more related information.

This site offers you many important bits of information including calculators to help you with such things as college cost worksheet, savings planner, future cots & savings, and monthly loan payments. It offers grant information as well. This site is full of helpful information.

If you open up a browser and enter the word "Scholarship," you will turn up thousands of pages. I found 415,000 pages on scholarships alone. So, the information is there if you're motivated.

Consumer Links:


This site compares all kinds of items from different sites giving you the opportunity to purchase at the lowest possible price. For instance, a book may sell for $13.95 but with shipping may cost anywhere from $16 to $19, and frequently you can find used copies with anywhere from $3 to $6 less. So, it's a good site that sells books, music, video, electronics, bikes, etc.I bought a printer off the web from and that same model had a price range from $78 to $249 so if you didn't have a site that pulled together these prices, you would not save anywhere from a little to a bundle of money.


After checking this site, I notice it is for sale. However, it will most likely continue. I bumped into this site when while shopping on line for a digital camera. My first line of defense is usually Consumer Reports, then on to shopping. However, based on consumer comments I found on e-opinions, I changed my mind about the camera Consumer Reports had rated as No. 1. Reader opinions suggested it was difficult to use, battery ran out fast, and several other things that caused me not to buy it. I finally settled on a Nikon Coolpix that has a rechargeable battery. Digital cameras really eat batteries, so if you are in the market for a digital consider that aspect because building your wealth base for future security means taking care of little things like throwing away numerous batteries.


Consumer Reports have been around for a long time and I think worth a subscription. That's the first site I hit when I want to buy an important item.


I found this show in 1999 while driving. I think it is a wonderful site. You can sign up for his monthly newsletter. When you receive the letter, he details by number what he will focus on for that month. You can quickly scan the list and pick out what works for you. If it's nothing, then hit delete. This is a site worth knowing about.


A site where you can enter your inventory (items to be moved), they e-mail it around the country to movers, and the next morning you get numerous bids on your move. I received 6 bids the next morning. Four of them around $3,000 for the same weight that a local mover wanted $5,000 to move

Elisabeth Johnson-Kallos, PhD, Editing & Translation Service. Elisabeth is a former student of David V. Tiedeman, and in his words, "One of the brightest students I've ever had the privilege of working with." I, Anna, agree with that assessment. In addition, Elisabeth thinks beyond editing which offers added value to students.