New Careering Personal Values
  • Freedom: Think Afghanistan, think anywhere in the world where people struggle for freedom. They don't have the luxury of pursuing their dreams. Survival is the name of the game. Frank Borman, one of the original astronauts speaking on the anniversary of the first shuttle into space said that freedom was the highest value because without it, not much else is possible.

  • Intelligence: A healthy respect for the intelligence in all life, as well as your own capacity to be intelligent in the moment.

  • Trusting Life: Learning to flow while assessing things.

  • Making positive memories: Since the day that makes a memory is never over. We work to leave positive memories for ourselves and others.
  • Loving Both the Right and Left Decisions: Buckminster Fuller suggested you don't talk about "walking on your right and wrong foot." Of course not, it's the right and the left that get you through life. When you start looking at your decisions this way, you realize how much information comes with the left decisions and that helps advance you.

  • Health. Trying to fit someone else's notion of what you ought to be doing, trying to shoehorn your life into cultural patterns ultimately depress your immune system. This has negative effects in the body, which have the potential to make you sick.

  • Wholeness. Recognizing that everything you do, even recreation, relates to your life direction. For instance, Gilbert Kaplan attended a Mahler concert and was so moved that he quit his job as a financial broker, hired an instructor from the Julliard School of Music to teach him how to direct Mahler's Second Symphony. Kaplan could not read a note of music at the time, but as since gone on to win many awards.