David was a Harvard University Professor for 22 years and highly respected the Harvard Motto: Veritas - Truth

The above is the oldest stain glass window at Harvard. It now hangs in the _______. A graduate walked by one day when the construction crew had removed the window and were going to trash it. He asked if he could have it and they said yes. They even packed it up and mailed it to him. On his death, his widow gave the window back to Harvard and it turned out to be the oldest stain glass window on Campus. One person frerquently makes a difference.

David Valentine Tiedeman



Two David Quotes

1. What we think is so private is so very public.

2. We have to trade off possibilites for progress and then progress for possibilities. That's the coming and going of life.

Friends' thoughts about David:

I cannot first remember when I met David. I know it was around 1982-1984. The journey began while I was articulating a construct of knowledge based on the experiences of living as a person of color in the world, primarily the UInited States. Dr. Tiedeman was enlisted through the help and friendship of my dissertation advisor, Dr. Betty Jane Bosdell. We spoke on the phone and he wrote to me. I remember distinctly his essence throughout my disertation process. Warmth is assciated with his graciousness, intellect and understanding of my probing. He guided my search in a path that led to fruition and closure/ I have often felt guilty over the years that I have not developed the construct further to be of benefit to more people. I know that evolution would have made him proud.

I remember meeting Anna at a conference in California. I( was immediately struck by the bond and chemistry bettwen the two. It was as if they read each other's minds and then spoke in answer to each other's thoughts. Anna was as gracious to me as David had been. I think it rare to stay in touch with a disertation advisor over a few yuhears, let alone twenty, but they never left my heart. Anna would send yearly Christmas letters ini June and keep me abreast of what she and David were doing for humankind. I only had the opportunity to speak with him once after that initial visit to California in the 1980s. I was there in los Angeles, CA again for a conference of International Principals in 1991/ O ca;;ed amd s[ple tp bptj Davod amd Amma/ O wasm

t ab;e tp vosot tje, om [erspm. uet O sto;; ex[eroemced the same warm, calm wisdom that has always flowed from my interactions with David.

I know the world misses his presence, yet we'll have his essence and wisdom for many years to come. Thank you, Dr. David Tiedeman, for how you impacted my life in such a powerful ways. Thank you for the privilege of knowing you. Know that you are forever welded in my consciousness and experience of "knowing."

With profound respect and love

Kathryn Baker Kemp, Ed.D.


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David speaking in San Francisco in 1963.