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Learning, Practicing and Living the New Careering,

Classic career counseling models have focused almost entirely on practical and prescriptive methods aimed at occupation with little attention to the process nature of life which is inclusive of work but not limited to it. Moving beyond the models, Anna Miller-Tiedeman has written the New Careering, an innovative approach that advocates a theory of life, not job as career. Miller-Tiedeman's model focuses on the career theory of the individual by addressing logical, emotional and spiritual aspects. The New Careering, based on the principle of flow, uses as its foundation ideas from a broad range of theories including, but not limited to, quantum physics, Bohm's notion of wholeness, and Self-Organizing Systems Theory. This broader view of career places individuals in touch with their deeper spiritual selves.

Learning, Practicing and Living the New Careering presents a theoretical overview of conventional career counseling theories and compares them to the New Careering. This volume does not dismiss traditional career theories, but rather illustrates the symbiosis while placing conventional wisdom in a subordinate to personal reality. Miller-Tiedeman uses case studies and discussion points to help both professional and students learn practical application.

This ground-breaking text is ideal for use in classes as it includes end-of-chapter questions, in-class exercises, and potential homework assignments. It is appropriate for beginning counselor education courses, career classes, entrepreneurial classes in business administration, career classes in other disciplines, church groups, pastoral counseling class, support groups, study groups and mental health groups.

How NOT to make It...And Succeed: Life on Your Own Terms

At last an easy, convenient, and healthy approach to life direction. THINK Life as your big career--owned and lived not found and made. Easy and effortlessly, you find what you've known all along--that everything you do in life serves your next choices. Read the many examples.


Chapter 1 What Do You Man, Life-Is-Career Unfolding?
Chapter 2
The Lifecareer Smorgasbord
Chapter 3
Your Lifecareer Journey
Chapter 4
The New Science and Lifecareer
Chapter 5
Life Is a Continual S.O.S. (Self-Organizing System)
Chapter 6
Life-As-Career: Letting Go
Chapter 7
Life-As-Career: Finding Your Way
Chapter 8
Life-As-Career: A Work of Your Own - Fullering
Chapter 9
The Technology Story: You Decide
Chapter 10
Decision Making: Doing What Comes Naturally
Chapter 11
Movoing Forward: Understanding the Cultural Shifts
Chapter 12
The Dawning of the Universal Age
Chapter 13
The New Pioneering Challenge
Chapter 14
What Keeps You From Acknowledging That Life-Is-Career?
Chapte 15
How Do You Advance Your Life-As-Career?
Chapter 16
The Lifecareer Skills
Chapter 17
After All Is Said and Done
LIFECAREER®: The Quantum Leap into a Process Theory of Career
65 pp Softcover, $10.95
A Lifecareer primer for academic classroom or organizational training purposes. It explains why we need a process theory of career (Lifecareer); the social context; the literature used to create the theory; and, the theory.


Chapter 1
Lifecareer: Jumping Out to a Process Theory of Career
Chapter 2
Context and Lifecareer: Three Major Civilization Shifts
Chapter 3
The Process Theory Which Informs Lifecareer Theory
Chapter 4
Lifecareer Theory
Chapter 5
Lifecareer's Own Quantum Leap
LIFECAREER®: How It Can Benefit You
48 pp Softcover $8.95
The book that helps you start living life as process. It has three self-score quizzes, an essay entitled, The Teeter Totter of Life, and a resource list for creating a work of your own.


With the Passing of Time
Chapter 1
Lifecareer and Its Benefits
Chapter 2
Decision Making: Learning by Doing
Chapter 3
Applying Decision Making to Lifecareer®
Chapter 4
Life Direction: The Teeter Totter of Life.

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How NOT to Make It...And Succeed: Life on Your Own Terms

LIFECAREER®: The Quantum Leap into a Process Theory of Career $10.95
LIFECAREER®: How It Can Benefit You $8.95
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