Anna Miller-Tiedeman, Ph.D.


On-Site Contractor for The New Careering Institute at the Domes, Web Master, Teacher, New Careering Counselor, Mediator, Title IX Coordinator, President, Research, Writer (Professional and creative, Author: Learning, Practicing, and Living the New Careering, How NOT to Make IT...and Succeed: Life on Your Own Terms, Lifecareer: How It Can Benefit You, and Lifecareer: The Quantum Leap Into a Process Theory of Career; Professional Speaking, Publishing, Editing, Administration, Computers, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, Dreamweaver, Entrepreneur, Workshops and Seminars, Visiting Lecturer: Johns Hopkins University, Long Island University, University of Southern California, University of California, San Diego (UCSD), Marketing, Real Estate, Public Relations, Social Programs, Home-based Business, Vocational Evaluation, Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Masters: Sociology, Ph.D.: Major Guidance and Counseling, Group Psychotherapy, Distinguished Alumni Ohio University and Marshall University, Outstanding Research Award, American Counseling Association.

This bio reflects all that I've been led to do in my life to this point. Specifically, I have over 30 years experience with middle, high school, college students, and adults. A recent addition to my work is a Family Career Developing approach using the New Careering, and I've written four books on that topic (See below). I've taught career development in many universities including Johns Hopkins, University of Southern California, (UCSD), Los Angeles, and the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). I am the founder and President of The New Careering Institute, Inc., at the Domes and, I do special presentations around the country and recently in Norway. I have a private practice (both local and by phone). In addition, three more books are writing themselves in my head and I've set them up on my computer.

Finally, I'm a Webmaster and the learning in that area is endless. So, I stay busy; I love and enjoy life, however, I set intentions and then cooperate with the approaching forces of life, which suggests I LIVE the New Careering; I don't just talk about it. The New Careering gives the highest priority to intentions, but not to the exclusion of goals. But intentions don't have end dates as they are woven into life. My goals are simple and ongoing: Love, forgiveness compassion, and happiness. I have tried to be faithful to my gifts which means I've lived my destiny full out. My greatest joy is my relationship with David Tiedeman, my exquisite colleague, and husband. He passed in Setpember 2004, but the relationship remains strong, only the form passed. I also enjoy relationships with family and friends. Below is a condensed version of my accomplishments.

Learning, Practicing, and Living the New Careering (1999)

How NOT to Make It...And Succeed: Life On Your Own Terms, (1989)
LIFECAREER®: The Quantum Leap into a Process Theory of Career, (1988)
LIFECAREER®: How It Can Benefit You, (1992)


Good Morning America - New York
Christian Science Monitor - Boston
WKRT Atlanta GA
KUSC Los Angeles, CA
KBDS Boston, MA
WKIS Orlando, FL
WMTR New Jersey
KICK Canada
WSPD Toledo
WQLR/WQSN Kalamazoo
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Weight Watchers Magazine - Decisions Making Strategies and Diet

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Distinguished Alumni Ohio University

Distinguished Alumni Marshall University

American Association for Counseling and Development Outstanding Research Award

Visiting Lecturer, John Hopkins University


AFTER ALL IS SAID AND DONE ending I've liked in the books I've written. So I decided to do one for my Bio as it illustrates the up and down side of living career as process, the idea I introduced in 1982. Creation is always a process of integrating ideas from many disciplines in order to see a new way. But I wanted to do something that would go to what I consider the bone of career development—treating your life as your career, not just intellectually but experientially and listening to the inner messages. With that in mind I wrote the following in 2001 which I doubt will be updated because it represents how life is for me:

It's been a great life. Some things have worked, others have failed miserably. Some learnings felt painful, others just a nuisance. Each taught me something important. The biblical Paul said something like,"I have run the race and kept the faith." In the end, that has mattered most to me because it supported my struggle to be faithful to my gifts. So, I bow to Life and my destiny, its goodness, and its patterned integrity.

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