Bare Bones Nutrition

Lesson 1

The New Careering supports Life as the big career. When you take that perspective, then anything in life connects with life direction. Sometimes I work with finances, health, computer technical support, and life direction with the same client.

I use the following six points in the first session I do with those clients wanting to feel more energetic and healthier. These ideas can get you started on the road to better health. It may take you a year or two or even longer to create new habits, but the wait will be worth it. When you feel well, your life direction can make large leaps forward.

1. Shop as little as you can at the supermarket. Most of what they carry is designed for shelf life, not health. However, you may have to do that in the beginning. If you do shop at the supermarket, shop around the edges, not the processed, refined foods on the shelves in the middle.

2. Look for one or two good co-ops or health food stores.

3. Find a good farmer's market. We have them all year in Southern California. Organic usually means they don't use poison sprays and they rotate their crops. In the East, you find them in summer and early fall. If you 're real motivated, you can grow great tomatoes and greens, both rather easy to grow.

4. Get rid of refined and processed oils like those you buy in the supermarket unless it's olive oil. I don't like supermarket olive oil quality, but each of us has a different notion. In addition, I use unrefined Safflower, Corn, and Soy oil. You won't believe the wonderful flavor in unrefined oils. The first two because of their high Omega Fatty Acids content.

5. Don't buy anything that has hydrogenated oil, or partially hydrogenated oil in it The body doesn't know how to deal with that fat (sometimes called "funny fat") so it shoots it into your arteries. Most of your boxed things are hydrogenated for shelf life. So, READ YOUR LABELS.

6. Find a bakery that bakes bread from ground grain, not shipped in flour even though whole wheat because wheat starts losing nutrients the minute the grain is cracked. You won't believe the difference in how you feel when you 're eating whole wheat bread from recently ground flour.

7. Rethink the supplements you take. In the summer when you're eating more fresh vegetables and fruits consider dropping some, if not all, the supplements. Give your body a rest. Then during winter consider taking supplements only 4 days a week. My research suggests that the body needs only small amounts of any one vitamin. So, the cardinal principle is "Less is More."